A Very Special Mother & Mother’s Day 2016

It has  been a while since I last posted, and strictly I keep this art related, giving a bit a background and substance to the art work I like to try out. But on the 16th of February of this year something happened that changed my (and that of my other 8 siblings) life forever. And while this is quite personal, the way we, as a family reacted, I think is very appropriate to my blog.

On the 16th of February, this year, my Mum suddenly passed away. It was absolutely devastating to us. Mum was our world and we were hers. Everyone that knew her, knew her as the woman with nine kids. She was a fantastic woman, but first and foremost she was a fantastic mother.

In a family of nine kids, this tragic event actually brought us closer than ever before. In a bid to keep the family together in the family home, I decided to move back home and look after the 5 dependant children still living at home, with the support of my family, friends and the community. And through this tough time we looked for ways to express our grief, but also our love for our mum.

Mum was a highly creative individual, and thus nine highly creative children were also produced. And mother’s day was just around the corner, after her passing, so we decided to honour her in the way we felt most comfortable with; through creativity.

Shots on the day:


Progress Shots:

Finished Piece:


In honour of Bernie Cudlipp, the best possible mum to nine children she adored and who adored her right back. With all the Love in the world, Rhiannon ❤



My Own Personal Moon- What I did with the Leftovers…

I started off with cleaning out from under my sink…and I found quite a lot of black paint left, black spray paint and white spray paint that had been sitting there for a least a year if not longer. So I decided to do something mad and clear off my art desk and use the top of that as my canvas.

It was fun and quick to do though I was left inhaling fumes in my tiny apartment for hours afterwards despite the ventilation.


Ventilation – it’s highly important especially if you are doing this by yourself. The last thing you need is being overwhelmed by paint and spray paint fumes. If you have access to a place outdoors, that would be ideal.

Gloves – if you do not want heavy duty paint on your hands for a week )I normally don’t mind this, as you can see from my video, as I wear no gloves)

Mask – again protection from the fumes, particularly if you are doing this indoors or for more than 5 minutes a go.

Overall, this little project took 20 minutes, and it actually took longer to clear off my desk than it did to create the piece. The longest part is leaving it dry sufficiently, especially if you have animals. ESPECIALLY curious and nosy cats. Needless to say I have a few discreet, sticky black paw prints about the place 🙂

Photos of the process:


Finished piece:

Please Vote for my Tee Design on Qwertee

So after pressure from my sister and brother I finally uploaded a design to Qwertee. All I need now is your vote to push it to the next stage 🙂

so pretty please….





My Own Personal ‘Space’

My own personal Space was created with the intention of being the first ever artwork I solely planned for myself to be hung on my own wall. From the word go I was determined not to sell this piece. And in a way I found the process to be a lot more creative than if I were to do a piece for a customer. I felt I could be a lot freer with my work, and experiment more because I had no fear of impressing someone else. It was purely for my own enjoyment and decoration!

If you are interested in a similar piece to be custom created for yourself, prices start at 50euro for 18inches by 14inches (excluding shipping costs). Multiple order discounts available! See my website for more information http://www.rhicreated-designs.com


Art Video:


Some of the process shots below:


Finished piece proudly hanging on my wall:

Cinemagraph – My First Try

So today I decided to try my hand at a cinemagraph, having never done one previously. A cinemagraph is a hybrid between photography and video where the movement is subtle or restricted to one element of the composition, giving the impression that the rest is a still photography.

This really was trial and error. I did five different Cinemagraphs, with two different compositions.  The first one I did was possible too ambitious. And the fatal flaw in this one was that there was too much colour. A cinemagraph is typically exported as a .GIF, which restricts your colour palette to 256 colours. Not much to work with, so you really need to keep your colours very similar in hue and tones, though without too many shades , as blending isn’t exactly a .GIF’s strong point :).  So the was the first thing I got wrong…paying attention to the colour. What I got right though was the type of movement. The movement was restricted and easy to isolate, but the colours were wrong…i.e. I decided to go for Christmas lights as my moving subject. 😀

It is shot on video (no photography) and I shot mine on my DLSR. Had no problems with the shooting. I shot with a 50mm at 2.5. At the time I didnt realise it but shooting with such a narrow depth of field is actually a bonus (if you manage to get your subjects sharp that is) … as it naturally blends the unfocused parts creating an even tone of colour without too many shades…perfect for a gift. On reading tutorials, photographers and videographers often purposefully blurred the background afterwards to create this.

Once shot, everything was brought into photoshop, manipulated and exported from there. While the first test the movement was relatively  easy to isolate…in the second one it was much harder to blend the video files (eyes of the cat) and it was really through trial and error, nudge this way, nudge that way that I managed to get the correct blend.

My last problem was exportation…and again through trial and error, trying to get the best quality with the smallest file size possible. In the end the best settings for me were, while shot in full HD, there is really no need to keep that size if it is going to be exported as a gif…but I reduced mine to 1200px and a lot of others go half that again.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 00.01.20

Happy Testing 🙂

The last two are probably the best as I got the hang of what works and what doesnt.

The idea is to give the impression of a still image at first…and use subtle movement to indicate otherwise…an thus create an infinite loop from this, with the expectation that the “video” continues to a new scene, though it never those. Highly intriguing!


World of Warcraft – Deathknight Fan Art

This was a request from a guildie and it took 26 hours… so the video is 26 hours squeezed into a mere 16 minutes 😀 (Speed x 10,000). Each one of these I do I get better and better and this is my most detailed yet…as I sure my next one will also be a step up as I learn each time I go through it. This was really the first major screen recording I decided to undertake…and as well as this I decided to stream live as well. This really was an opportunity to find out what works best for screen recording and streaming…but in the end I found a happy medium that works for my computer, screen recording and streaming live all at the same time without overtaxing or compromising any of the separate tasks 🙂


(Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/moonshimmer_sp/profile)


Progress Screenshots:

Final Piece:



Harley Quinn – Fanart Commission, Speed Drawing

A fan art commission of Harley Quinn. So much fun to do, using only Steadtler fine black pens and Winsor & Newton Deep Red ink 🙂

Finished Piece:





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